How to Edit

How to edit your page.
  • Goto Research/researchfield/yourname
  • Press the pencil logo pencil to go to edit mode
  • Modify your text
  • Add image

o Press Image button at the bottom of the text windowimage

o Move to directory /Molgen/research/ researchfield

o Use the Browse... option to select the file on your computer and start upload

o Select image and press Insert

o Use the Insert/Edit image option to adjust the imageimage2

You can copy and paste images from other site's but they will stay on that site and there will only be a link to the image.

  • Use the options in the Publishing pane to set parameters

o Category            --> already set

o Status                --> Published

o Start Publishing   --> creation date

o Finish Publishing  --> leave at zero's or set enddate

o Access                --> set to Public to make article visible to the world,

                                                 or Registered for intranet

  • PressSave when finishedsave

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