Time-resolved transcriptome of Bacillus subtilis

Time-resolved transcriptome of Bacillus subtilis


Supplementary Website to: Growing pains: natural stress responses during growth of Bacillus subtilis. A high density time-resolved transcriptome analysis.
We have determined the time-resolved transcriptome of the model gram-positive organism B. subtilis during growth on rich medium. DNA microarrays were used to monitor gene transcription in 10-minute intervals at 40 consecutive timepoints.

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Time-resolved transcriptomics and bioinformatic analyses reveal intrinsic stress responses during batch culture of Bacillus subtilis.
Blom EJ; Ridder AN; Lulko AT; Roerdink JB; Kuipers OP
PLoS One 2011 ;6(11):0-0

pubmedlink 22087258


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