Anne de Jong


Bioinformatics is crucial to handle the exponential increasing data (terabytes) in our Molecular Genetics department generated by techniques such as Next Generation Sequencing of DNA and RNA, DNA microarrays, proteomics analysis and time laps microscopy. Furthermore, mining and integrating the publically available literature and databases if of outmost importance to translate big-data to biological knowledge.

The goal of our small bioinformatics group is on integrating the data mining and statistics in user friendly pipelines and webservers. To do so, we focus is on reduction of data to human interpretable tables, graphics and gene networks. This means that choices of methods, statistics and algorithms are mainly made by the bioinformaticians.

To facilitate the above, our group has two Linux servers, one for simple daily work and one Linux ‘work-horse’ that can handle 32 threads in its 256G memory.

For more information or internship contact dr. Anne de Jong ( [@]

Interface for our bioinformatics server:


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